La Briqueterie (FR)

EDN membership

Full member since May 2018

Year of foundation

1980 (La Briqueterie opened in 2013)

Artistic Director

Daniel Favier

Guiding principles

La Briqueterie is a non-for-profit association whose mission is to promote choreographic creation and artist development (through co-productions, studio space and artists’ residencies), transnational programmes and participatory activities to foster and support dance at multiple levels. The organisation encourages the active involvement in dance for diverse audiences, through an extensive programme of workshops, encounters, studio showings and activities aimed at widening the audience experience. A place of collaboration, putting dance at the centre of a social project within an urban environment undergoing rapid changes, La Briqueterie underlines cooperation as an act of transformation.

Building description

Situated in Vitry-sur-Seine at the outskirts of Paris, La Briqueterie is a former brick factory of 3,500m², converted into a dedicated dance venue. It features three dance rehearsal studios (studio Est – 171m², studio Nord 115 m² and studio oust 227m²), a fully-equipped performance space (383m²), a landscaped garden and forecourt that can also turn into presentation spaces, two production offices, and a media room.


La Briqueterie opened its doors in March 2013. It is home to the CDCN/Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National du Val-de-Marne, one of the 12 dance organisations that currently make up the national network of CDCNs in France. While the venue is young, the organisation – formerly known as Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne – dates back to 1979 (it was officially incorporated in 1980). The building was renovated by architect Philippe Prost thanks to the support of the Departmental Council of Val-de-Marne, the French State, and the Ile-de-France Region.
Its annual ongoing programme comprises residencies, studio showings, commissions and co-productions, EU-funded collaborative projects, masterclasses, workshops and an international exchange programme. It organises Les Plateaux (an annual 3-day festival for national and international companies open to professionals and the larger public) and an international dance Biennale (in partnership with over 30 venues, including regional theatres, museums and other organisations). The Biennale reaches over 11,000 people across the Ile de France region.
Since 2003, La Briqueterie has been publishing a dedicated dance magazine, Repères, cahier de danse, available also on the online publishing platform Cairn. Recently, it as launched a new “screen dance” initiative in collaboration with the International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy and Cinema Utopia.

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17, rue Robert Degert, Les Malassis
94407 Vitry-sur-Seine cedex
T : +33 1 46 86 17 61

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