Power of the performing arts in Europe

The EU is at crossroads today, and and the performing arts have a great power to strengthen its unity and foster the solidarity among its citizens.

We support the campaign of IETM, EDN, Circostrada and In-situ to attain a more prominent space for the performing arts in the future of Europe. Read more

The Dance Houses

Who are the EDN members?

Discover the dance houses who are part of our network. Read more

Structures, Conditions and Artistic Practices

Atelier at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg
Around models of solidarity within and between production structures and artists, possible media of collaboration and choreographic forms of collaboration

Dance and nature ecology

Atelier Akamas: Nature Embodied in Cyprus
To research ecological art methodologies as they pertain to a particular contested site

Dance and Relevance

Videos and articles around the key concept of relevance
for dance as tackled by EDN activities

Summary list

Inclusive dance

Videos and podcasts of the issues in discussion
during the Atelier “exChange Perspectives”

Summary list

Dance and Sustainability

Videos and articles around the key concept of sustainability
for dance as tackled by EDN activities

Summary list

A Hundred

An exploration of mapping contemporary
dance resources in Europe

Read the results

Dancehouse buildings

Videos of dancehouses created over preexisting buildings
or newly made structures for dance

Watch here

Our Know-how

Carte Blanche at B.Motion Festival

The second edition of the EDN Carte Blanche for artists took place from August 20th to 26th, 2019 hosted by the CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea. Members of the European Dancehouse Network were