2010 - 2013

Project leader:

Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf (DE)

Short description:

Kore-A-moves soughted to open a new showcase for young Korean choreographers through performance programme tours in different European countries to create new international exchanges synergies and discover new-patterned models regarding performance, scholarship, education and events.


Intensive introduction of Korean choreographer’s works to audiences in Europe and the establishment of horizontal exchanges for the future between choreographers and companies, structures and models between both regions.

Core activities:

  • Performance programme tours with the participation of Korean artists and several venues in Europe.
  • Workshops and international dance forums.

Key Outcomes:

  • Important step to bring Korean dance art towards European discourse on dance art and the world's variant aesthetics.
  • A new reliable network formed between the International Performing Arts Project (IPAP), Tanzhaus NRW and its European partners.
  • A side effect which followed through this continuing partnershep has been the possibility for some European artists to show their work in Korea.

Project partners:

EDN partners: Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf (DE).

Non-EDN partners: International Performing Arts Project (Seoul, KP)