360º – Building Strategies for Communication in Contemporary Dance


September 2016 - December 2017

Project leader:

K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg (DE)

Short description:

360º - Building Strategies for Communication in Contemporary Dance (BSCD) supported dance artists and makers at all stages of their careers to communicate their work effectively.


To bridge a gap identified transnationally in the ability to communicate professional dance work beyond the medium of movement to a wide range of stakeholders.

Core activities:

  • The partner organisations shared best practices on the topic of communication with international experts through a series of transnational meetings.
  • The knowledge generated was captured and shared through an online publication available for free to all.

Key Outcomes:

The website www.communicatingdance.eu was presented as result of the project. It was created to assist dance professionals to develop their thinking, skills and practices in the area of communication with all key stakeholders in their career.

Over the course of the year, the project allowed a series of best-practice sharing meetings with the staff of the partners international communication experts and many dance practitioners at different career stages with diverse practices. The result of this journey was a toolkit aimed at encouraging professionals in the field of dance and the performing arts to:

  • Think: this text examines key words identified that are crucial for successful communication in the field of contemporary dance. Go to the resource
  • Use: a collection of practical advice, useable templates and FAQs on press and marketing issues. Go to the resource
  • Play: a modular tool that inspires dance professionals to create and play with their own communication plan in a visual, interactive format. Go to the resource

Project partners:

EDN members: Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa (IT), Dance Ireland Dublin (IE), Dansateliers Rotterdam (NL), Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples Zagreb (HR), K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie / Tanzplan Hamburg (DE).

Non-EDN members: La Briqueterie - CDC du Val-de-Marne (FR).


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