EDN members may be any legal entity devoted to the renewal and development of dance and is willing to make active contributions to the network’s activities.

Membership requirements: essential characteristics

  • Presentation, promotion and support of international contemporary dance through an annual ongoing programme as its primary purpose.
  • Public mandate or mission under an independent artistic direction and professional management promoting diverse artists and aesthetical diversity.
  • An ongoing audience and artistic development programme with learning, engagement and participation contributing to access to dance for professionals and the general public.
  • Regular engagement with dance and related issues at local and international level.
  • Facilities for dance research, residency, production and presentation.

Types of membership

Full members

Legal entities devoted to the art of dance that comply the 5 essential characteristics.

Affiliated members

Legal entities devoted to the art of dance that comply 4 essential characteristics.

The Assembly can propose the figure of Honorary Members to individuals that can contribute to the aims and objectives of the Association.

How to apply

To join EDN, it is necessary to make written application to the Board with an explanation of main activities related to membership requirements as well as three reccomendation letters of three EDN members from three different countries excluding the applicant’s own country.

The Board should make a decision about the application in the first possible meeting in order to be held thereafter, reporting to the Assembly about the submitted application.

The Assembly must ratify the decision in the first meeting where this is admissible by means of a two-thirds majority vote in favour from the Assembly members present.


Download the EDN membership information kit.

Download the EDN membership application form.

For further information, please contact the EDN office at info[at]