Dansens Hus Stockholm (SE)

EDN membership

Full member. Founding member of the association in May 2009

Year of foundation


Artistic director

Annelie Gardell

Guiding principles

Dansens Hus overall goal according is to secure a place and a sense of urgency for dance in society by presenting mainly contemporary Swedish and international dance and closely related performance art of the highest quality, and in other arrangements, such as film, lectures, seminars, etc., to promote the development, availability, breadth and diversity of dance for audiences and mass media.

Dansens Hus is an exciting meeting place and an inspiring environment permeated by professionalism, creativity, diversity, openness and respect. We see the opportunity for relatively new and exciting art forms that appeal to both young and older differentiated audiences who are curious about contemporary expression. As much as 35% of Dansens Hus audience says that they visited Dansens Hus for the first time.

Building description

Located in central Stockholm, Dansens Hus has 2 stages with 800 and 140 seats respectively. The rehearsal and training rooms, comprising 2 dance studios, fulfill an important and essential part  of Dansens Hus operations. They are primarily used for rehearsal and groundwork for new productions, as well as training and teaching.


Dansens Hus is located in the new Folkets Hus building that was inaugurated in 1960. Sven Markelius is the architect behind this modernistic building built in functional style. The stage was initially planned to house a cinema. However, it became the home for Stockholm City Theatre moved in 1960 until 1990 when the theatre moved to Kulturhuset. Formed in 1989 Dansens Hus moved into the premises in 1991.

Although the building is not classified as a heritage building, it has been well-preserved. The original interior remains today in the foyer, featuring Arne Jacobsen’s Swan chairs and teak tables. The Markelius textiles are reproductions. Original teak walls are found in the restrooms, as well as chequered floors and Dals paper towels.

Folkets Hus is owned by LO but is managed by the City Conference Center. The building contains a congress hall, restaurants (Cabaret and Aladdin) and Dansens Hus rents the foyer, stages, offices, training rooms and basement.

More information


Wallingatan 21
111 24 Stockholm
Tel: 08-508 990 00