Dansehallerne Copenhagen (DK)

EDN membership

Full member. Founding member of the association in May 2009

Year of foundation


Artistic director

Efva Lilja

Guiding principles

Dansehallerne is a national platform and a leading institution for contemporary choreographic performative art.

Dansehallerne is a crossroad where conventions are broken and resistance is pushed aside in favour of new adventures, thoughts and statements through the contemporary choreographic performative arts.

Dansehallerne provides meeting places for everyone interested in experiencing choreographic practices, research processes and critical debate and will take a leading position in the development of new formats for public events, interactive and creative activities for all ages.

Dansehallerne offers:

  • performances and other events that takes place in traditional and alternative venues, in spatial as well as conceptual locations, in digital format and in projects where audiences and participants engage in co-creation.
  • premises for rehearsals, artistic developing work and residencies.
  • supports the research that strengthens the representativity of contemporary choreographic performative arts, innovation and societal progress.
  • nationwide activities related to contemporary choreographic performative art for children and youth.

Building description

Dansehallerne is situated in Carlsberg’s old mineral water boiling factory in the heart of Copenhagen. We have 2 stages with a capacity of 204 and 73 seats, an informal foyer stage and a laboratory stage. We also have 7 fully equipped studios, a large lounge and a foyer designed for audiences with ticket sales and screens for dance films.


Dansehallerne opened in August 2009 with lots of events. More than 5000 people visited Dansehallerne to see how the dance was arranged in one of the old factory buildings.

In 2012 it was decided that Dansens Hus and Dansescenen should merge under the name Dansehallerne as a non-profit organization, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Both Dansens Hus and the venue Dansescenen existed years before we were joined in the same building at the Carlsberg area. Dansescenen was founded in 1991 and Dansens Hus has existed since year 2000.

In autumn 2014 there was a series of major changes in Dansehallerne. The management at that time stopped in December 2014 and we got the news that Dansehallerne had to move from the current building and find new facilities in 2017. The changes in the autumn of 2014 launched a comprehensive process of change where, among other things the Board of Dansehallerne initiated an open dialogue process, where the goal was to develop a qualified basis to create the best environment for the future of Dansehallerne.

As part of creating a new future for Dansehallerne a new strong CEO was appointed in September 2015. The experienced Swedish director and artist Efva Lilja has since January 2016 been the director of the entire business of Dansehallerne.

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Regnbuepladsen 7, 5ht floor
DK-1500 Copenhagen V
Tel: +45 3388 8000