EDN members cooperate in two new projects

From October 2019, two EDN members will lead cooperation projects in the field of contemporary dance. Make sure to keep an eye on both projects, as they will propose open calls and/or activities for the dance sector as a whole.

The Place (London, UK) takes the lead on Shape It, a project that proposes a new model for developing dance performance for young audiences. This project is a partnership of four leading dance organisations in Europe: The Place (EDN member, UK), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (EDN member, Italy), Annantalo (Finland) and Tanec Praha (EDN member, Czech Republic).

The consortium will test the following hypothesis: there is existing performance work made for adults which is suitable for a younger audience with some adaptations. By supporting dance makers in a dialogue with young people about their work, the aim is to open up the best dance being made in Europe to young audiences, without investing in making new work from scratch. The model will be tested and developed through:

  • Skills exchange Labs with local artists
  • Residencies with young people in host countries
  • Touring work beyond urban centres, to audiences marginalised in their engagement in arts and culture
  • Showcasing work & disseminating our learning in order to ensure a legacy for the project

Read more about Shape It on the website of The Place.

The second project, led by Tanec Praha, focuses on capacity building of choreographers in dramaturgy. The project is targeting the lack of formal education in dance dramaturgy and supporting it as a young discipline and profession. At the same time, dramaturgical skills are increasingly required, as they contribute substantially to the quality of the choreographic work and its accessibility by an audience. By offering a programme to develop those skills, the 6 partners want to strengthen the local dance communities involved and heighten the artists’ potential for international collaborations. Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance aims to develop new skills for choreographers in dramaturgy and to train a future generation of dance dramaturgs through three main areas.

  • First, capacity building in the form of training (workshops) generating new soft skills in dance dramaturgy, with the aim to enrich artists’ professional lives and open new channels for international exchange.
  • Second, audience engagement through the creation of a dialogue between local communities, including migrants and other minorities. A particular focus of the dramaturgical reflection and tools will be how to apply them beyond the field of dance to sustain the building of community, deepening relations with artists.
  • Third, transnational mobility and international collaborations of mid-career choreographers with emerging dance dramaturgs, artistic directors and members of the scientific team, with a common respect for diverse cultures in different local contexts.

Other project partners include Dance House Lemesos (EDN member, Cyprus), DansBrabant (The Netherlands), Stiftelsen Dansens Hus (EDN Member, Sweden), Anghiari Dance Hub SocietĂ  Cooperativa (Italy), MARCHE TEATRO (Italy).

Note that Tanec Praha just launched an open call for artists from the five partner countries (Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus) to take part in workshops and seminars in this Creative Europe project. Find the call here.