Wake Up!

The Centre National de la Danse (CN D) and EDN invite you to our Forum Wake Up! on June 22nd at the CN D. Admission to the EDN Forum is free upon prior registration.

The worldwide equilibrium has now been upset, and we are currently witnessing what seems to be a tipping point towards totalitarian regimes or else states that raise questions about certain democratic processes. Culture is a symbol which is often attacked outright, as can be seen in the awful example of the suppression of the Ministry of Culture in Brazil. So we thought it important to take a global look at Europe and the world so as to understand better the realities of each country in danger and conceive more exactly spaces for international solidarities. Giving a podium for artists and groups committed to struggles which are at once societal, political and intimate seems to us to be the best way to bear witness to today’s artistic realities.

Focus on countries in crisis: Brazil. Let’s open the debate with the situation of Brazilian artists while imagining together how a solidarity can be invented so as to accompany these artists under threat. With the participation of Nayse López, Sonia Sobral, Fernanda Silva, Volmir Cordeiro, Calixto Neto, Wagner Schwartz, Marcelo Evelin…

Focus on the evolution of cultural policies in Europe, in particular in certain countries where they are in question. Participation and presentations by our European partners for a situational tour of Europe so as to grasp better these new issues, and the establishment of solidarity networks.

With the participation of partners from our network in Austria, Poland, Italy, the UK and Czech Republic.

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When: 22 June 2019, from 13h30 to 16h30
Where: Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France
Ticket: free admission upon reservation.


The EDN Forum takes place during Camping, an international choreographic platform, a space for artistic experimentation, a unique artistic camp that makes all the poetic experiences of dance possible. Thanks to this combination, you have the possibility to attend more Camping activities.

On June 21st in the morning (10h30 to 12h30), join the round tables: Let’s talk about… – seven parallel informal discussions about topics relevant to contemporary dance: choreographic artists and globalization, early and higher education, health and prevention, artists and diversity, mediation: is it a new profession?, retraining, and the connection between art and civil society.

On June 22nd in the afternoon (until 21h30), witness the Schools Marathon: In this veritable marathon, which will occupy the various spaces of the CN D, the twenty-nine schools invited to take part in Camping will have an opportunity to present their work to the public. This is a great way to see short performances, discover a new generation of dancers and aesthetics.

And last but not least, stay for the Camping Party on June 22nd in the evening! The Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris promises to be memorable, and what a great way to end our EDN stay in Paris.

Learn more about Camping, performances, round tables and forum here.

Credits: CND Centre national de la danse, Camping © Marc Domage