EDN at Spring Forward 19

Aerowaves Spring Forward took place at La Briqueterie (EDN member) and other venues in Val-de-Marne (Paris region) from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April 2019 in the framework of la Biennale de Danse du Val de Marne. More than half of EDN members were present at this unique platform showcasing the work of some of Europe’s most vibrant and promising choreographers.

Valentina Tibaldi of Lavanderia a Vapore shares her reflections on this event:

” There are a lot of great opportunities by being part of EDN but I think the most precious ones are when the programmers, curators, professionals and artists have the chance to really work together, sharing both physical and mental spaces.

At Aerowaves SpringForward19, half of the EDN programmers were able to take part in very intense programmes over a series of 3 days. Which we were able to sit side by side and watch the performances. After which, we could discuss our views and feelings, artistic research and trajectories, listening to how the work might be perceived in different contexts and how it could sink into different artistic landscapes that each of us is curating.

I really like how dialogues can be very passionate in what we might like or not; as if the first part of ourselves speaking was our stomach to let in, gradually, our brain and responsibility as curators.

For me the highpoint of all the experience is the extremely unformal bond and dialogue we are able to create between artists and curators, letting go of the “marketing strategy”. This gives us the possibility to focus more on a common reflection about what dance is (or is not yet, anymore) and how together as part as the same creative area we are trying to develop the huge theme of “what is dance and what is supposed to communicate”.”

The festival was Live Streamed to reach dance fans across the world – you can now watch interviews and other events on demand on the website of Aerowaves!

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