‘Expression of Freedom and Mobility’ EDN Atelier in Budapest

Budapest Atelier – European Dance House Network

16-17 January 2019, Budapest

Trafo House of Contemporary Arts and EDN invite you to an Atelier exploring Expression of Freedom and Mobility in collaboration with the Workshop Foundation and SIN Culture Centre

Target audience: We are expecting artists, producers, programmers/curators, communication team members.

Day 1 / Expression of Freedom – Collective Analysis

Wednesday 16 January from 10am to 5pm at the Workshop Foundation

Address: Budapest, Jurányi u. 1-3. IV. floor.,   1027

In recent years, many dance scenes across Europe have faced increasingly complex challenges as a result of cultural, political and social shifts at national level.

Artistic expression has been threatened by many growing obstacles such as political interferences, research restrictions, downgrading conditions of production and presentation and shortened touring opportunities.  Artists’ living conditions have become more precarious whilst dance venues are under pressure to develop and engage new audiences.  Within certain regions of Europe, the gap between artists and funding bodies is growing apart and the lack of structures and opportunities for artists often means they have to leave their home countries to seek better working conditions abroad.

Artists, professionals, audiences and cultural policies makers all play important roles in this ecosystem. We invite you to re-think how we can address these challenges together, across Europe.

10:00 Short welcome – physical practice with participants

10:30 Atelier starts

Moderator: Betsy Gregory

Speakers: Line Rousseau, Marcio Kerber Cannabarro, Aniko Racz, Marketa Perroud

Dialogue and conversation

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Introduction of Workshop Foundation’s activity and facilities: Gergely Talló

14:10 Working session in smaller groups

16:00 Summary of the day

17:00 End of the 1st day of atelier

20:00 Next festival opening program. ZoltanVakulya-Chen-Wei Lee (TPE): TogetherAlone at Trafó

Address: Budapest, Lilom utca 41., 1139


Day 2 – Mobility and EDN – Setting a new model

Thursday 17 January 17 from 10 am to  3pm at SIN Culture Centre

Address: Budapest, Gyutacs u. 10,1139

How could EDN members encourage the mobility of dance productions in Europe?  How could we better use our knowledge, resources and infrastructure to support artists’ productions and especially those who pursue freedom of expression?  Our aim is to collectively identify a working model for the mobility of dance productions at European level and to overcome cultural differences that too often hinder artistic migrations between regions.

10:00 Physical practice with participants

10:30 Introduction of SIN Culture Center’s activity and facilities

10:40 Atelier starts

Moderators: Kirstin De Groot, Elisabetta Bisaro

Speakers: Gergely Tallo, Beata Barda

Groups working session

13:00 Summary

14:00 Lunch

15:00 End of the 2nd day of atelier

17:00 Open Rehearsal: Nibiru

The piece is to be premiered during Next Fest in Trafó. According to legend, Nibiru is the tenth planet of the Solar System, which, if collides with Earth, puts an end to the forms of life known so far. Starting from this assumption three Hungarian artist together with youngsters deal with what might happen on Earth afterwards.

With: Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Gryllus Ábris, Tóth Márton Emi, Tamara Zsófia Vadas, Ábris Gryllus  and Emil Márton Tóth

Venue: Juranyi House. Address: Budapest, Jurányi u. 1-3. IV. floor.,   1027

The atelier is part of festival of Hungarian innovation in performing art – the 3rd edition of Next Fest, starting 16 January as a colourful and surprising addition of Budapest art scene.

More details will be announced in December, if you have any question, feel free to get in touch with gyuri@trafo.hu

Picture: ‘Golden Rabbit‘ KOCSI Olga, NEOGRÁDY-KISS Barnabás