Published the building project for a new dancehouse in Helsinki

The architectural look of the new dancehouse in Helsinki has been published.

“A kite that defies gravity. Industrial and robust. A machine rooted to the earth. A magical box that is not ready before it is filled with dance”. That’s how the chief architect of the project Teemu Kurkela (JKMM Architects), defines the new building for Dance House Helsinki, member of the European Dancehouse Network since September 2013.

Plain and simple, the building combines old with new from a funtional perspective. The simplicity is, however, flavoured with details that open up in different ways the more you enter the house. Some of the exterior walls are mirrored, creating a unique magic experience and melting the building into its surroundings. The goal was to create a “magic box”, a huge sea container that dance finds and conquers. Materials include polished aluminum, rusted steel and brass-colored aluminum screw mesh.

Dance House Helsinki will be located at the Cable Factory. Once an industrial complex producing cables, it is now a multifunctional cultural centre that houses 3 museums, 12 galleries, dance theatres, art schools and artists. Both dance professionals and those working in Cable Factory have participated in the design and planning of the new house for dance, that is naturally combined with Cable Factory’s industrial architecture. Architect Pia Ilonen (Architecture & Design Talli Oy) is responsible for the protection of Cable Factory as responsible building designer.

The building project will start in summer 2018 and Dance House Helsinki will be opened in 2020. The budget is 34,8 million euros.