Dance and relevance · Summary list

Relevance is one of the strategic concepts of the current EDN project. DDRC Athens, Dansmakers Amsterdam and Mercat de les Flors worked together in 2015 and 2016 to organize a series of activities focused on the topic from different but linked perspectives.

We offer you a summary list of the outcomes of these activities.


At the end of 2015, the EDN members met at The Isadora and Raymond Duncan Research Center in Athens (DDRC Athens). They participated in the General Assembly of the association and in a two-day workshop. Coinciding with the meeting, the dancehouse proposed a plan of cross events.

Breathing Space

It was a two-day creative conversation with the participation of the EDN members. The activity was designed with the purpose to think together about our future as a network. A creative approach to the meeting opened the door to new thoughts and questions about what is relevant for dance and the meaning of networking in a globalized world.

Read here a list of extracts of the merged reflections.
Watch here a clip of the meeting.

Map of Contemporary Dance in Greece

Coinciding with the EDN meeting, DDRC Athens, together with a group of artists and thinkers from the community conceived a series of events, a plan of cross activities that raised a number of questions regarding the present and the future of dance and highlighted the issues of relevance for dance.

Read here an overview of the whole proposal by Penelope Iliaskou, director of DDRC Athens.

The first event was the Greek Laboratory, an open invitation to the dance community to convene in order to focus, articulate and discuss vital and urgent issues regarding the place, the essence, the present and the continuation of contemporary dance.

Read here the questions posed during the laboratory.

Another event was a discussion pannel aimed at presenting part of the dance and performing arts scene in Greece through artist-led initiatives.

Read here a recap of the projects presented. 

The film Responses, presented choreographers whose work is in discourse with the socio-political condition of the last years.

Watch the video here.


The Atelier The Relevance of Dance took place in March 2016 organized by Dansmakers Amsterdam. It explored how we can make dance more relevant in our society and what dance can do for our society in return, focusing in particular on new audiences, participation and education. The participants were invited to share their thoughts on dance and discuss its accessibility and openness in the light of participation, commitment, interaction and education.

Contents of the Atelier

Read here the whole programme.

Reflection by Lisa Reinheimer

Lisa Reinheimer offers a personal approach around the contents of the thee days of Atelier.

Read here the article about the first day.
Read here the article about the second day.
Read here the article about the third day.


The conference How to make dance relevant? Examples and practices took place in April 2016 in the Catalan town of Olot. Organized by Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, the conference proposed a community-based working space to generate questions and encourage collective thinking around the topic of relevance.

Contents of the Conference

Read here the whole programme.

The role of culture in sustainable development

Opening lecture by Jordi Pascual, coordinator of the Agenda 21 cultural process and the Barcelona’s UCLG Committee on Culture.

Read here a summary of the lecture.

Research on best practices

The conference proposed a working methodology based on a list of best practices in Europe focused on relevance. A working catalogue for the session was produced and, consequently, analyzed during the event. Based on linguistic analysis and labeling methodologies, the artist Quim Bigas, proposed a selection of key words and conceptual links among the different practices to co-create, with all participants, a global picture of the working catalogue. The session aimed to be a trigger for the rest of the conference.

Read here about the methodological research to look for the best practices.
Read here the catalogue of 25 cases created as a working tool for the conference.
Read here a recap of the aims and results of the working session by Quim Bigas.

Proyecto Pregunta

The Chilean project proposes actions based on collective generation, visualization and viralization of debates on the public space. In this occasion, citizens were asked to provide a question about the topic relevance of dance.

Read here the collected questions.

Watching Art through Twitter

Artistic lesson through Twitter about the performance Siena by La Veronal by the architect Miquel del Pozo.

Read here the Storify of the conference.