IETM Satellite meeting in Marrakesh

IETM is organising a meeting in the city of Marrakesh from 21 to 24 September 2017 that will bring together an international group of dance professionals (choreographers, dancers, directors…) and of Arts education (universities, schools, non-institutional training programmes, residencies…) to create a forum for designing the future Dance Training Academy Nafass for creators in the dance sector in Morocco and the region. The Academy is expected to open its doors in 2018 and will be the result of a long term dialogue and knowledge exchange among its founders and international experts in the field.

Multifaceted discussions, roundtables, encounters, visits and performances will question the role that art creators play in the Moroccan society today and their educational path. What skills should they acquire for their professionalization? How and when should they learn these skills? What are the specific needs in Marrakech and how can they be met by other institutions? What official recognition do artists receive? How to offer Moroccan creators and opportunity to reach the international scene?

Dance professionals with a background in dance training -be it formal or informal- are invited to register and join the meeting. All the discussions and presentations of the meeting will be in French, so the participants need to understand and be able to communicate fluently in this language.

Organised in collaboration with On Marche, this IETM Satellite will be also an opportunity of gaining new perspectives on dance education and enlarging contacts in the Middle East. The participants will have the opportunity to visit different cultural institutions and meet local dancers and choreographers at the start of their career through projects pitching, open studios and work in progress presentations. These creators will also be invited to take part in the talks.

More information and registration:

Registration deadline: 4 September 2017