Festival encontros do DeVIR · International programme

As in the previous editions (2012 and 2015), encontros do DeVIR festival wants to continue to think the territory, combining the social with the cultural, the ecological and political to the artistic. It aims to be a reflexive challenge about our territorial identity, having in Art the vehicle for thought. It could be an opportunity to make the citizen of today to speculate, to create change, to build becoming and to project the future.

After two previous phases (starter cycle that took place between January and March, and a preparatory phase in April with national programming), the third phase with international programme; that will take place from 5th to 27th May at CAPa, Centro do Artes Performativas in Faro; will count with 8 choreographers from 8 different geographies and identities. From the destroyed Syria to the exoticism of South Korea, from deep Brazil, not visited by our Carmen Miranda, to the Congo, from a creator who struggles to find solutions to social issues in his country, passing through the East, Romania, Austria and revisiting what we were “close” to the past, which has little to do with the present, India and Mozambique.

These creations reflect the territorial identities of those who produce them, translate significant social or political tensions.

Festival’s website: www.encontrosdodevir.com
Broucher online: https://issuu.com/devircapa/docs/jornalencontros2017
Brochure pdf file: http://barlavento.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/A_web.pdf