My EDN experience · By Maria Giulia Pasquini

I have worked at the European Dancehouse Network office in Barcelona for about six months. I left my home town ready to begin a new adventure and move forward with my professional education… despite being totally unaware of what I was going to deal with. I have to be honest: when my university tutor suggested EDN as my internship destination, I really did not know neither about it, nor about the dancehouse model generally speaking. As a matter of fact, I come from a country where (contemporary) dance is hardly known as what is even worst, there are no words, no labels, no nomenclature to officially recognize all the people who work in this field. So, how could people know what programmers, dramaturgs, or producers are or do if they are professional figures that nobody hears or knows about?

EDN has been the one who gave me the opportunity to get to know what exists beyond a choreographer and a group of dancers. It has been the chance I got to dive into the dance field, where lots and lots of great professionals and human beings work everyday. They are people who are devoted to this art, never afraid of travelling, meeting new people, exchanging perspectives and fighting for what they believe in: everyday they contribute to shape a world where dance exists and it is recognized as one of the cultural pillars that needs to be supported and promoted for its ability to connect people, embrace diversity and give space to a variety of professional figures.

EDN means openness and collaboration. Since day one I have been welcomed to join the team and jump on the EDN train, sometimes getting off at many different stops, but always moving on to the next adventure. It has been a journey that took me around Europe and helped me discovering how dance is conceived and how it reveals itself under different aspects. It happened not just sitting at a desk and being told about the network history or participating to the daily office tasks, but also travelling and meeting the network members coming from many European countries. In many occasions I saw them at work and I really got impressed by how passionate they are and how strongly they cooperate, always doing their best to strengthen the network and to support the role of dance in Europe.

During my EDN trip I was lucky to have two amazing train conductors and many travel companions who turned this journey into an enlightening and motivating experience. Therefore I hope other young people will have the possibility to catch the train they have been waiting for, and find people who will be happy to guide them and share something… until the next stop.

Giulia Pasquini
28 February 2017