EDN Roadshow

Tanzquartier Wien is organising an activity in order to discuss positions and developments in contemporary dance, structures, aesthetic strategies and practices of diverse cultural contexts of South-Eastern Europe.

The discursive space and open discussion ENROUTE – on contemporary movements of “the Balkans” will take place on Saturday 25 March from 11am and is open to everybody. No registration is required.

It will be preceded by the performances Falcon! by Iztok Kovač and Janez Janša (Thursday 23 March) and 15th Extraordinary Congress: Vienna by Vlatka Horvat and guests (Friday 24 March).


Tanzquartier Wien and the European Dancehouse Network. With the support of Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

More information: ynikseresht@tqw.at


Download here the pdf version of the programme.

Thursday 23 March, 19:30h in TQW/Halle G


Choreographer Iztok Kovač, and director, theatre theoretician and performer Janez Janša, now, in their fifties, return to the cult solo performance by Kovač How I Caught a Falcon from 1991 – one of the performances of the new Slovenian contemporary dance that made it possible to integrate it into the European context. It is impossible to step into the same river twice, and they don’t even try to. The original solo is just a frame for their contemporary ideas about art and ageing, and a basis for their honest testimony about human limits. Falcon! is a never-ending struggle for perfection, for the effort to keep on moving and never stop.

Friday 24 March, from 18:30h in TQW/Studios

VLATKA HORVAT + GUESTS, 15th Extraordinary Congress: Vienna

In 15th Extraordinary Congress: Vienna six women sit at a table, exchanging stories and anecdotes, facts and rumours, reflections and thoughts about a country in which all of them grew up but which no longer exists. Sifting through their shared memories as well as through versions of events remembered and understood differently, they try to unpack the story of “Yugoslavia” from a range of different perspectives.

Saturday 25 March, from 11:00h in TQW/Studios

ENROUTE, on contemporary movements of “the Balkans”

In the face of recent political developments on a European and global scale the question emerges of what “the Balkans” or South-Eastern Europe means or potentially could mean today and what questions contemporary artists/choreographers pose themselves in relation to it. How can the space that is given this name now be defined? Does it still exist? Currently it mainly crops up in relation to migration movements along “the Balkan route” which define this borderland between Fortress Europe, the centre of “the Western world”, and the now heavily repressed and war torn countries (Turkey, Syria, i.a.): Assuming that a “West” no longer exists, according to Jean-Luc Nancy’s thesis, how we can look at the “Balkans” from different sides and what perspectives are there?

In the EDN Roadshow the invited artists from diverse cultural contexts of South-Eastern Europe discuss positions and developments in contemporary dance, its structures, aesthetic strategies and practices. With i.a. Patricia Apergi, Marijana Cvetkovic, Dessy Gavrilova, Vlatka Horvat, Janez Janša, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Euripides Laskaridis, Ani Vaseva.

Picture: © Vlatka Horvat. With the Sky on Their Shoulders (01), 2011. Inkjet photo collage.