Faber is looking for residents

Are you a dance critique? Have you done research on dance and anthropology or philosophy? Are you an architect that has been involved in projects related to this field? Do you work on a scientific discipline that studies movement and dance? Faber (the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot) is looking for the second 2017 residency period for dance and dance-related projects, regardless of the discipline of professional field they come from.

Faber is open to consider any proposals that may interact with the company in residence, Colectivo Lamajara, and its project Dispositivo LABranza. They are specially looking for candidates that live abroad and have a project that could interact with the dance field and the Olot dance Festival Sismògraf.

More information: http://faberresidency.com

Registration: http://faberresidency.com/candidates/registration/