Dance and Sustainability · Summary list

The topic of sustainability was addressed by EDN in the framework of the (UN)conference Imaginary Relationships. It took place in Vienna in April 2015. The programme focused on the question of sustainability in relation to artistic production, between autonomy and participation.

Against the background of various social transformation processes between autonomy and participation, between self-organisation and efforts at good governance, between neoliberal promises and uncertainties in relation to current social contracts and compatibilities, their spaces and thereby possible areas of action and alliances, Tanzquartier Wien offerred a space for discussion about social and economic realities as well as existing and imaginary sustainabilities around models and networks of performers/dancers and their co-players.

Since it represents one of the most crucial issues in the world of dance, we decided to collect the videos and articles of these two days in a practical summary list.

Walter Heun, about the (UN)conference format

The artistic director of Tanzquartier Wien reflects about the idea of hosting a discussion about sustainability in an open format conference in order to find the best space possible to offer an open dialogue and new ways of collaboration in the field.

Watch the video interview here

Planetary Perspectives + Politics of Care, by Elke Krasny

Elke Krasny is curator, urban researcher, cultural theorist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her keynote she traced sustainability as both, a politico-environmental concept and call to action.

Watch the video here

Continuation, by Janez Janša

Janez Janša is an artist, writer, performer and director of interdisciplinary performances as well as conceptual and visual artworks. In his speech he gives his vision of the relation between art and its social and political context.

Watch the video here

Collapse Free Scene?, by Kerstin Evert

Is a real collapse needed in order to open a way for a new theatre model? Kerstin Evert, founder and director of the choreographic center K3 in Hamburg, gives an insight of the current advantages of the independent scene and the disadvantages of municipal theatres in Germany.

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Welcome to Planet Dance, by Eddie Nixon and Chris Thomson

Eddie Nixon, Associate Director of Theatre and Chris Thomson, Director of Creative Teaching and Learning at The Place (London), present Planet Dance, a short series of films introducing the world of dance.

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Arts of an ending, by Roberto Fratini Serafide

Roberto Fratini, theoretician and dramaturge for contemporary dance, gives is prospective on contemporary dance in the society we are living in: is it already at its terminal stage?

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Reflection around the contents of the conference, by Theresa Luise Gindlstrasser

Theresa Luise Gindlstrasser offers an overview on the contents of the two days of Conference.

Read here the article about the first day
Read here the article about the second day