Archives to come Atelier 4 · Dan Perjovschi

Discoursive detour with Dan Perjovschi in the framework of the Atelier Archives to come, organized by Tanzquartier Wien. He also worked in the drawing-performance Black Belt Drawing.

Dan Perjovschi works with the very basic and simple means of drawing, deriving ideas from mass media political and social analysis and from personal observations on daily life. He is known for drawing directly on the walls of institutions, most commonly museums, often in-situ and whilst the exhibition is ongoing. His motivation is to transform the space of the museum into a databank of actuality reflecting what is going on in the world at the moment the exhibition is taking place. The artist’s drawings are a mix between cartoon, graffiti and press drawings.

Dan Perjovschi, born 1961 Sibiu, living and working in Bucharest, Romania, is a visual artist mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti in artistic pieces drawn directly on the walls of museums and contemporary art spaces all over the world. His drawings comment on current political, social or cultural issues. He has played an active role in the development of the civil society in Romania, through his editorial activity with Revista 22 cultural magazine in Bucharest, and has stimulated exchange between the Romanian and international contemporary artistic scenes.