Archives to come Atelier 2 · Penelope Wehrli

Discoursive detour with Penelope Wehrli in the framework of the Atelier Archives to come, organized by Tanzquartier Wien. She also presented the installation Transforming Acts together with Detlev Schneider.

Penelope Wehrli born in Zürich, currently lives in Berlin. Since 1980, she developed performance installations, films and videos, which were shown in New York, Belgrade and Bangalore. Since 1996, she defines her enactments and walk-in media spaces as “space scores”. They were shown at The Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden, the Paace of Republic in Berlin and the Staatsoper Saarbrücken, amongst others. She worked as scenographer with Johan Kresnik, Jossie Wieler, Dimiter Gottscheff, Robert Schuster, Reinhild Hoffmann, Barbara Frey and recently with Christiane Pohle, including the Schauspielhäuser Hamburg and Zurich, the Basel Opera and the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in Berlin.