Archives to come Atelier 1 · Arkadi Zaides

The Atelier Archives to come  organized by Tanzquartier Wien in April 2016 included the presentation of the show Archive and a talk about the way he uses film material in his artistic exploration of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The material comes from B’Tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in hte Occupied Territories). The footage was filmed by Palestinian volunteers in high-conflict areas, showing Israelis, settles and soldiers, in various confrontational situations. The Palestinians remain behind the camera. Nevertheless, their movement, voice and point of view are highly present, determining the spectator’s perspective. Zaides involves his own body with the moving material of his community. He reenacts gestures, voices and moving-sequences to develop a living-archive and questions the potential for violence embedded in each individual human body.

Arkadi Zaides was born in 1979 in the Soviet Union, immigrated to Israel in 1990. Currently spends his time between Europe and Israel while working internationally. Since 2004, Arkadi has been working as a free-lance choreographer. His works have been shown in numerous international festivals.

Embedded in Arkadi’s work is a belief that the role of art is to challenge and inspire viewers, while simultaneously it has a larger universal role to reach out and brind together different communities and different sectors of society. Arkadi is increasingly working in diverse communities, focusing primarily on the Arab sector in Israel. Among the activities he has initiated there is a project with the theatre group Oyoun in Magd-El-Shams, a Druze village which is situated in the golan heights, as well as a project in Rabeah Morku’s Dance Studio in Yasif village in the north of Israel. Arkadi also teaches a group of orthodox Jewish males as part of the Other Move Project in Jerusalem.