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Atelier Applying Choreographic Tools in Organizational Chart
At Kino Šiška Ljubljana (SI)

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Atelier Utopia (working title)
At STUK Leuven (BE)

Coinciding with the 500th anniversay of Thomas Moore’s Utopia, STUK proposes a reflection on how choreographers relate to the theme of “utopia”. What strategies can be deployed in depicting a possible future together? Can the practices embodied here play a role in achieving that picture? How can elements of participation and co-creation be used to further engage the public in this process?

Atelier exChange perspectives
At Dansens Hus Stockholm (SE)

How can we challenge the norms that limit diversity and variety? Are we ready to reach beyond the attitudes and descriptions that include some, but differentiate and exclude others? exChange perspectives will be a two-day exchange of knowledge examining the prevailing norms that affect dance as an art form in Sweden and internationally. Through lectures, talks, workshops and performances, we hope to inspire and facilitate discussions about dance that focus on diversity of form and functionality of bodies within the context of inclusion and exclusion.

Atelier Working together transnationally – Structures, Conditions and artistic practices (working title)
31/3/2017 – 2/4/2017
At K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg (DE)

The aim is to discuss the development, as well as the inevitable crisis of collaborative working in dance and choreography regarding the practical, structural and artistic aspects of production. With regard to decreasing funding in Europe, the issue of solidarity between dance institutions, artists and audiences will be one important focus during the three days. We will also explore the “media” of collaboration and practice choreographic approaches of working together.

In the framework of the festival Together Apart – Choreographic approaches to standing Together in Europe.

Atelier Akamas
At Paphos. Organized by Dance Gate Lefkosia (CY)

The resulting works of the previous Vivarium Cyprus: Sites Embodied/Bi Communal Workshop (10-19 April 2017) will be shared/facilitated/performed for an invited audience of local stakeholders, eco-artists and international institutions. The works are intended to act as a tool for loosening and rearranging existing rhetoric and frames of thinking regarding the region and help to create an inspirational and inclusive third space for discussion regarding the destiny of the Akamas Peninsula. The event will also include a discussion regarding eco-art practice and creative methodologies. This will include an academic and hands-on exploration of eco art and body-based performance work and ecology, activism and the arts.

Conference Contemporary Dance and Performance: Inventur (Taking Stock)
At Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

The Contemporary Dance and Performance: Inventur congress wants to create an inventory of a globalising creation of dance and analyse the current situation, across genre boundaries and in a cross-sectoral way, with the most prominent performers in the field on the one hand, while it also seeks to explore and open spaces of opportunity for the genre’s future on the other. It will purposefully work with search operations to induce transformation processes. Decided queries, amongst others, will be: What is lacking? What is, however latently, there? What has to happen to make the (seemingly) well-known visible from a different angle? How do we reach unknown terrain? But also: What do we hope to gain from this? Another flexibility? New objectives?