Atelier Applying Choreographic Tools in organizational chart at KINO ŠIŠKA: sneak preview

26-28 NOVEMBER 2016

Atelier conceived and facilitated by the Artistic Board of CoFestival and the Nomad Dance Academy.

Referring to their previous experience in facilitating frameworks of using methodologies of choreography, dance and contemporary performing arts in the process of leadership and management (mainly in the business sector and in for the cultural policy decision makers), they would like to offer a three-day format in which a group of 12-15 participants (artistic directors, managers, curators, artists and organizers) will gather at Kino Šiška to participate in a setting of laboratory/workshop/atelier to research on how the methods of work of dancers and choreographers can be applied to a work of a management of a dancehouse or a long-term project.

We will use approaches from improvisation, somatic practices, composition, and will develop specific reflection tools to access the topics such as creative leadership, facilitation of processes, inspiration, ideas, focus, organization and decision-making.

As manager, do you know the tools and procedures choreographers in your house use to create? If yes, do you use some of the choreographic tools in the way you run your organization? If not, do you consider choreographic knowledge as valuable for the context of running a project?

In the workshop we will investigate how to apply choreographic tools in ways of decision-making.

We will count on Nina Bozic Yams and Dejan Srhoj as facilitators. They have been working with various business organizations and municipalities in Sweden and Slovenia for the past few years.

As a pre-task to a workshop, choose a choreographer you collaborate with, you enjoy, you care of and follow the process of his creation. Take notes of the tools he is using, the use of space, time, tuning in, feed backing, presentations, composition and other relevant aspects. We will use the observations of the participants as an input to a workshop.

We will combine practical dance work with theoretical work (lecture, debate) from the field of management.

In the framework of CoFestival.


Kino Šiška Ljubljana and European Dancehouse Network. Conceived and facilitated by the Artistic Board of CoFestival and the Nomad Dance Academy.


3 days (6h/day on 26 and 27 November, 4h on 28 November).


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Nina Bozic Yams is a PhD student in Innovation and Design at the School for Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden. Her research focuses on exploring how knowledge and methods from contemporary dance practice can be applied in organizations to enable innovation. Her research and teaching are influenced by her experience in both dance and business and her belief in emergent, people-centred processes. Prior to her PhD studies she worked as communications responsible for publishing house Sanje, management consultant at Deloitte, director of CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) Slovenia, and independent trainer and consultant in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship through her company Dream Plant. In the last years she has done consulting and training work for clients, such as Ericsson, Unilever, Volvo, ABB, and municipalities of Nacka and Eskilstuna.

Dejan Srhoj is a dancer and choreographer from Ljubljana working within context of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia. He practices choreography as ways of observing, curating and teaching.  His projects include questions such as; How to observe city as a ready made choreography? How to choreograph a festival? How can several dance pedagogues teach at the same time by creating a CoTeaching score? After brief career as a ballet soloist in Opera house he has co-founded FičoBalet with GoranBogdanovski and has since then been involved in contemporary dance field. He has been teaching improvisational trainings to non-professionals for over a decade and that endeavor led him to closely collaboratewith Nina Božič and further translate knowledge from choreography and apply it to organizational contexts. He has led workshops for employees of Ministry of Culture Croatia, municipality of Eskilstuna and employees of different business firms in Slovenia and Sweden.