Call for action to support Dansmakers Amsterdam

The EDN network member, Dansmakers Amsterdam, has launched a call for action campaign in order to collect support in front of their current situation. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts has brought the structural financing of Dansmakers Amsterdam to woefully insufficient level for the period 2017-20, which means that the existence of the dancehouse cannot be guaranteed.

This form of capital destruction affects will affect not only young talented and ambitious dance makers, but also the Amsterdam, the Dutch and the international dance sector.

Dansmakers Amsterdam focuses on the development of new generation of contemporary choreographers and offers them a local and international network. It is not only production house, but also centre of knowledge and platform where the discourse on contemporary dance transcends the borders of Amsterdam.

The dancehouse has launched a call for action campaign in order to have enough support to propagate a beautiful, innovative and diverse offering in dance.

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More information about Dansmakers Amsterdam here.