Conference How to make dance relevant 2 · Proyecto Pregunta

Proyecto Pregunta is a civic participation device centered on the collective generation, visualization and viralization of debates on the public space.

It is a project by MilM2, a production and cultural management platform for temporary use projects in Santiago de Chile.

The ultimate goal of Proyecto Pregunta is to activate territories and communities through the collective generation of knowledge.

Each activation deploys a set of tools for civic engagement, fostering the collective questioning of social issues.

It is a critical device, aimed to intervene civic participation methodologies. By intervening these methods the project seeks to question and open new types of community awareness and civic engagement.

The questions are used to gather questions from the community. The original question is meant to raise new questions and to create collective conversations. One question from the ones gathered is selected and hanged on the wall.

For the EDN conference Proyecto Pregunta designed an action focused on the issue of the relevance of dance. What would you ask dance? What would you ask your body? What would you ask the cultural institutions? These were the 3 trigger queries to collect questions on the streets of Barcelona and Olot during the previous days to the Conference.

We offer you the collected answers/questions.


Why culture is just addressed the upper-class?
Would my daughter be able to live off music?
How to raise funds for publicity?
Why residents don’t have economic advantages?
Why artists themselves don’t have access advantages to enjoy other artists’ productions?
Grants for new projects?
Why culture is so expensive?
Why the Spanish Constitution can be reformed so Leonor can be the queen and not to do a referendum in Catalunya?
Do you speak English?
Is the country corrupted?
Why there are not more free entrance days?
Why not to create a general guide with all the cultural offer?
What kind of artists do you have inside?
What do you offer?
Why not to invite more urban artists?
What’s going on with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions?
Why not to find a way to approach science to everyday life?
Why we have to pay to access art?
Why culture is not free for everyone?
Why isn’t there a place where young people can exhibit their creations?
What practical life\ every day benefits you provide for cultures?
How do you manage the money invested in culture?
By don’t we do more to promote culture?
What is the daily budget for programming?
Why culture is so undervalued in this country?
Which are the basis for modifying the budget and the management of the programme?
Why do we need so many sponsors to promote culture?
How dissemination to reach to every single citizen works?
Why aren’t there more affordable audiovisual venues?
Is VAT killing new proposals?
In the last 5 years which budgetary changes have been made?
What is culture?
Why don’t we hear more about diversity, equality and solidarity?
How is Barça so nice?
Why culture in Barcelona is so expensive?
Why is so expensive?
How can we bring culture to everybody?
Why is not affordable?
What kind of activities does this museum offer?
What kind of movies would you choose to transmit social values?
Why are there no job opportunities for people who studied theater?
Why there is none investment in local artists?
On which criteria your projects are chosen?
What does culture mean to you?
When making a living from culture will stop being a luxury?
When will folklore be recognized as culture?
Why aren’t there free tickets for museums?
What would you do to improve education in Spain?
In what percentages are intended the money each cultural type?
What are you going to do with entrepreneurs?
Could there be more diverse workshops for children?
Why are the movie tickets so expensive?
Why don’t you take away the cultural VAT?
Why locals should pay as tourists?
How do you follow trends?
Why do you have to pay to go to the museums?
Why not to give more importance to dance?
Why is it so hard to lead you?
Why do you steal?
Why the activities are not adapted to people our age?
What year theatre was invented?
Why isn’t there more financial help for children?
How much a play station costs?
Why don’t you struggle to lower the prices?
(Arabic) siren Fruzen Esport Purrina?
If they ignore them, why would they listen to us?
How to have values that work anytime anywhere?
(Arab) 14 Eidulfithar agostindindes i ramadan
Why public spaces are not adapted for children?
Why they don’t work more with old people in every neighborhood?
Why don’t you use the money to help people’s participation?
I don’t understand what they do; why don’t they work with old people?
How could they integrate linguistically the residents who don’t speak Catalan?
How can we get in?/ Where is the access?
When will you connect more with the art culture of the street?
Why I don’t understand them?
Why don’t they reduce prices?
Why big promoters are lining their pockets?
What kind of art do you do?
What is the price of art?
Why don’t you do more?
Why is there such little support to children’s cultural development?
Why there is no publicity of this kind of actions in the neighborhood?
Why torturing animals is culture?
Where the fuck are you?
Which are this weekend’s events?


Why on earth is so hard for me to come?
How long till I die?
Could you please skate better?
Why is the mind so powerful?
Can you keep the pace?
Would you be as active as now when you’ll be in your 50s?
Why couldn’t you be 10 cm. taller?
Can you put up with me?
Do you love me?
Why I shift all my weight in one side?
Are you happy?
Where do I put this?
Why can’t I reach my toes with my fingers?
What’s your pain threshold?
Why am I stupid at times?
Why cancer?
How much does it come from the brain and how much from the heart?
Do you think you are passing through?
Where will your steps take you?
Why am I so ugly?
What do you need?
It’s anything wrong with your liver or your heart?
How are you?
How do you feel after everything you have been through?
What do you need?
Why don’t you relax and enjoy the sun?
Are you overweight?
Are you happy with me?
Am I going to get sick?
Do you think I treat you well?
Why it’s so hard for me to sleep?
How are you?
Which is the best way to distribute energy?
How can I win some weight?
Why my body has low resistance?
Are you happy?
Why some people get sicker than other?
Why aren’t you 30 years younger?
Why the body gets old and the spirit doesn’t?
Why do you hurt?
Are mind and body contradictory?
What part should you take more care of?
What do you need?
How are you?
Do you feel ok?
Why isn’t it possible to teleport?
Why do I have to keep wearing glasses?
Why I don’t get sweated?
Why do you always have the last word?
Why do you say so much to me?
Why are you so small?


Why dancers dance?
What do you feel?
Do you get tired?
How do you make people happy?
Would I meet someone to dance with?
A totally versatile body exists in dance?
Would you dance with me?
Till when your body will let you dance?
What could you possibly ask dance?
Could humans exist without dance?
Where dance starts and movement ends?
Why are you so beautiful?
Where have you learned to dance?
Can you have fun and get better at the same time?
Why it’s so (fucking) hard to dance?
How do you do it?
Do you think you are the medicine against the world’s madness?
Which music do you dance to??
Are you able to bring it all out?
Why classic dance has so many followers?
Why don’t you speak?
Do you keep dancing?
Can you give me some freedom?
Do you want to dance with me?
Why do you move like this?
Do your legs hurt?
Do you dance?
Why do you dance for?
Why are you so boring?
Do you like this music?
Why traditional music is so colorful?
How could I understand you without words?
Why do I like you so much?
Don’t step on my feet, ok?
Where is dance headed to?
How much have you sold yourself out?
Can I dance?
Why are women exploited in Arabic dance?
What movement is?
How do you feel?
How could I learn to dance and loosen up?
Why dance doesn’t reach the people in the street?
Why don’t I understand contemporary dance?
Why doesn’t dance go beyond the esthetics?
Why is it so difficult?
Why on earth am I so arhythmical?
How it does affect the women’s body?
How do you manage to express yourself?
Why everything gets so complicated when the body is so clear?
Do you have freedom?
Do you want to dance?
Why the women’s body is harassed?
Do you think it’s possible that one day studies will be created with love and people won’t get bored with them?
Where does your inspiration come from?
Do you have happy feet?
Why sometimes it’s hard for me to understand you?
Do you feel esthetic pressure inside?
Could I one day support myself dancing?
Can I be a dancer if I start as an adult?
Do you have a beautiful body?
Why dance as a work of art to express values?
Dance can be a social critic?
Dance, why can’t we be free?
Where can I work dancing?
How does energy move?
Why do you move this way?
How do you make people happy?
Why do I like you so much?
Does it have a social meaning?
Would you dance with me even if I step on your toes?
Who is accompanying you in the trance?
Which is dance’s role in the migratory crisis?
How could you help to integrate the refugees?
Why discoordinated people are so discriminated?
Why do they know you so little?
Why don’t we have access to you in the small villages?
Where courage hides?
What’s the use of dance?
Without music does it has any sense?
Can you just dance?
Can you dance without a body?
Where is the limit?
Where do you emerge from?
Do you want to fly with me?
When do you start to be who you are?
Where is the body?
Why do you give me so much?
What is your use?
Are you necessary?
Why don’t you move?
Could I start to learn how to dance even I know nothing about it?
Why does your heart make me dance?
What do you do for a living?
What is your gender?
Why are you necessary?
Where do you come from and where do you go?
Does dance-theater exist?
Where do you start and where do you end?
Do you often feel you have sold yourself out?
Why don’t you clean your clue with your body
It’s the dance world elitist?
Why must we always find a reason, a story line in it?
Do you have any new answers left?
Do we take you to the full?
Can you make us fly?
Can you possess us?
Why there is so much cultural knowledge about dance in Spain?
Why it is directed to the feminine collective?
What do you feel when you dance?
Why do you injure us so much?
Why people in Spain don’t value you?
Why aren’t you more present in the street?
Can you express any kind of feeling?
How do you relate to the current context?
Do you ruin childhood?
Does it hurt?
What do you do when you don’t dance?
What is your goal in life?
If you hurt yourself, do you stand up?
How old are you?
Who do you dream about?
What do you dream about?
What moves you?
When it is (dance)?
Do you depend upon music?
Do you speak? Why?
What are you, what kind of disguise are you wearing, why do you move me?
Do you want to tell me something? Or do you just move?
What is your sexuality?
Do you feel lonely?
Why do you move?
What friends do you have?
In how many bodies have you been reincarnated?
What a good dancer should know?
What is the difference between dance and theatre?
Do you breathe?
How do you include interpretation?
How do you satisfy people?
What do you feel when you do it?
What do you want to transmit?
Why don’t they pay us?
Why don’t they value us?
Could it help me overcome my shyness?
Could you, dance, help to create a better society?
How do we dance this changing world?
Can dance take away your fears and your pain?
Do you think dance can help to get rid of prejudices?
How can you improve our life?
How a world without dance would be?
Could you break down boundaries?
If I don’t twerk, do I exist?
Why only a few will dance with me?
Why there is dancing in any culture (it makes no sense)
Why don’t we all dance?
Why are you afraid of dancing?
Dancing is connecting with our roots?
What will happen if we do not learn to live together?
Why aren’t you more present in my life?
Which was your starting point?
It is dancing who is still?
If I was child how could I know you better?
Can dance help refugees to integrate?