Dance for Health Teacher Education Program

The Dance for Health Teacher Education Program provides a progressive, structured and self-paced training course for qualified and experienced dance teachers who are interested in teaching classes based on the Dance for Health philosophy and practice.

The mission of Dance for Health is to share their knowledge and built a community of knowledgeable and experienced dance teachers who will be able to offer artistically enriching experiences to their dancers and promote wellbeing in the process.

The Teacher Education Program is a 5-days international introduction workshop providing a practical experience of a Dance for Health dance class. Based on the 5 pillars of the project’s philosophy and practice, it shall include the following content:

Days 1 & 2

  • Dance theory and movement analysis
  • Human anatomy and kinesiology
  • Selected subjects on psychology and sociology
  • Art/Culture philosophy, ethics and practice
  • The interrelationships between physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors and their effects on wellbeing for people with a movement disorder

Days 3, 4 & 5

  • Methods for observation, analysis, assessment and adaptation
  • Human anatomy and kinesiology
  • Introduction into relative medical issues for people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Basic knowledge of neuroscience aspects that relate to the theory and practice of the Dance for Health practice
  • Health, an approach to promoting a healthier living
  • Elective content and additional study in areas that enhance the students’ skills and adds to their knowledge of mental nd physical health and human behavior
  • Practical experience

Optional: in depth workshops of 2 days, being organized every year

  • Specific program called Art-formation to Transformation
  • Artistic repertoire

Criteria (to be met by the applicants)

  • A dance education and/or work experience as a movement practitioner
  • 2 to 3 years teaching experience
  • Performing experience preferred


  • After completing the Dance for Health Teachers Education program the Dance for Health Teachers should have developed the following skills:
  • Integration of knowledge and skill generic to Dance for Health philosophy, methodology and practice
  • Deep understanding of the Dance for Health approach in theory
  • The ability to adapt the Dance for Health approach in practice
  • The ability to design a dance class covering the 5 pillars and fitting to the condition of a specific group of people
  • Ability to integrate a variety dance techniques and styles
  • Ability to integrate the principals and values within the dance classes of Dance for Health
  • Demonstration of systematized appoach to movement observation, assessment and evaluation
  • Responsibility for professional and self-evaluation and growth

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