Dance and activism in discussion during the Arab Dance Platform

A delegation of EDN will visit Beirut in April in occassion of the Moultaqa Leymoun (Arab Dance Platform).

Organized by Maqamat Theatre, Moultaqa Leymoun (14-17 April 2016) is a platform that showcases and promotes the work of Arab choreographers. The fifth edition of will take place in Beirut and the Chouf Mountains during BIPOD 2016 (13-30 April 2016). It will present around 20 choreographers from Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Iran. The platform will include full-lenght performances by established Arab artists and will hold in parallel a series of studio presentations to introduce young emerging talents, their work and future projects as well as open discussions around the theme “dance and activism”, engaging artists, journalists and dance professionals.

The fourth previous editions of the platform have contributed to the development and progress of an Arab contemporary dance scene and allowed more visibility, collaboration, networking and exchange for local artists. It has also participated in establishing a ground for new conceptual and thematic approaches by opening discussions towards creating a new theoretical condition for the understanding of dance and the body within our cultural and social environment.

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