The European Dancehouse Network meets in Athens

The dancehouse members of EDN are visiting Athens for the first time for their annual General Assembly. In parallel, a reflection on the future vision of the network will be an important focus of this gathering.

Coinciding with this visit, the hosting institution and EDN founding member, The Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Center has organised a map of contemporary dance in Greece raising a number of questions regarding the present and the future of dance. This map, that will take place from 28 November to 2 December, has been drawn as a series of events of a fragmentary and discontinuous nature which characterizes the national artistic community as well as the current social and political reality.

It will start with a Greek Laboratory, an open invitation to the dance community to convene in order to focus, articulate and discuss urgent issues regarding the place, the essence, the presence and the continuation of contemporary dance. It will be followed by an in situ dance installation by Vassilis Gerodimos, silent itineraries curated by the choreographer Patricia Apergi and her company Aerites, a panel of artists, a video screening that presents choreographers whose work is in discourse with the socio-political condition and a 2-hour walking essay in the historic center by Alexandros Mistriolis.

These will be cross events with the participation of the Greek artistic community and the EDN members, which on 30 November and 1 December will be participating in Breathing Space, a two-day session designed and facilitated by The Map Consortium who use practical and creative approaches to stimulating and facilitating dialogue and will lead the members of the association in considering the future of the network. On 2 December, there will take place the annual General Assembly of the association.