Second Open Call Residency Programme at Graner

Graner in Barcelona has launched its second open call for artistic residencies for 2016. It is an international open call for research and creative projects linked to the language of the body and the movement arts. The residency period is from January to December 2016 and it is aimed to individual, groups, non-profit organisations and companies.

The deadline to submit projects is the 20th September 2015.

The selection panel will be formed by a member appointed by the Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia, a member appointed by the Association of Professional Dance Companies of Catalonia, a national expert in dance and the performing arts acting on behalf of Mercat de les Flors, an international expert in dance and the coordinator from Graner.

Here you will find all the information in Catalan, Spanish and English:

Graner is the centre for creation and study of the body and movement language of Barcelona. It is framed within the Art Factories program of the Barcelona City Council and it is managed by Mercat de les Flors in collaboration wit the Catalan Dance Professionals and Dance Companies associations. Graner hosts dance artist residencies, develops artistic cooperation projects with other cultural agents and promotes the integration of teh centre within its neighborhood, among other objectives.