The Hundred 1 · Mapping European Dance project

The European Dancehouse Network is currently working on a project to create and publish a Map of European Dance.

This map is not meant to be comprehensive nor final. It is meant to capture a picture of what are the centres that support dance and have a strong international projection within their core mission or vision. It will act as a guiding framework for artists and professionals, helping them to make connections with each other.

The methodology used will be participative and open source: some workshops will be organised within the context of dance festivals and/or gatherings during 2015 with the participation of programmers, artists, touring managers, amongst other professionals in order to have different points of view and sources of knowledge. Each of the workshops will last approximately 3 hours.

The list of contacts and information gathered in each workshop will be subsequently analysed for inclusion in the final document. Each of the entries in the final list will contain wider information and will have to prove that their mission and programming encourages and support international dialogue and collaboration.

What is it?

  • An initiative of EDN – European Dance House Network
  • An attempt to capture the big picture and distil it in a hundred: what are the spaces, festivals and organisations that promote and support contemporary dance and stimulate international dialogue and collaboration
  • A collection of data and knowledge for artists and professionals
  • A guiding framework to visualise the field and better understand the dance ecology in Europe

What is not?

  • A comprehensive and exhaustive map of dance
  • A hierarchical list of contacts
  • A final or restrictive database