Dansehallerne is looking for a director

Dansehallerne, dancehouse located in Copenhagen, is looking for an inclusive, focused and passionate director.

The director is responsible for all the activities and business in Dansehallerne with full responsibility for budget and staff.

Among the coming tasks are to lead the organization safely through the coming process of relocation (in the coming years Dansehallerne will move to a new building and location yet to be found), to engage and commit the staff to this process, to be the facilitator of a positive developing and working climate, to take advantage of the momentum of the relocation and create internal organizational development and new external partnerships and to negotiate a new contract with the main funders.

The key qualifications required are a great passion and proven experience in management and in cooperating with cultural as well as business communities, and a good and strong understanding of the interaction between economy and artistic processes.

It is a requirement that the candidate speaks Danish.

The deadline to send applications is 1st September 2015 at 12 pm.

More information about the position here.