Atelier Building a Dancehouse: sneak preview

EDN Atelier: Building a Dancehouse
Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa
20-21 August 2015

Building a Dancehouse will explore the development of houses for dance and structures in Europe. The philosophical approach will be the starting point of the investigation: the first network, the values that inspired its first founders and the cooperation between many directors… And will link to the architectural aspect of building a dancehouse. Many dancehouses in Europe have been created over preexisting buildings: convents, factories, industrial sites, brick houses, distilleries, to name some examples. They have been developed recycling architectures and redefining the identity of spaces. Few houses are now in the process of being built and the relationship between architecture, needs and contents leads inevitably to explore the subject of sustainability.

Dancehouse directors, dance artists, culture scholars, architects, curators and journalists will be invited to share insights, stories and experiences, to outline different topics and to set priorities within the context of presentations and discussions.

This Atelier will be the second of a series of editorial meetings within the next two years, aimed at considering and tracing the European, as well as the international, dancehouses history. The first exploration began at tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf in may.


Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa.


The Atelier will be articulated in two morning sessions:

20 August: Session focused on the philosophical values inspiring, in the past and the present, the building of a dancehouse and its European network. The session will be moderated by Dany Mitzman (freelance journalist).

21 August: Session focused on the experiences of commissioning a new building, recycling an old building, defining the identity of a space and its sustainability. The session will be moderated by Gabriel Smeets (artistic director of Cullberg Ballet).

* Discussions will be in English with translation in Italian.

The EDN Atelier will be part of B-motion (20-23 August 2015). The programme includes performances by Alessando Sciarroni, Robbie Synge, James Batchelor, Manuel Roque, Matthew Day, Dario Tortorelli, Chiara Bersani, MAMAZA, Marco D’Agostin, Dan Canham, Granhøj Dans, Aoife McAtamney, Itamar Serussi, Ivan Perez, Idan Sharabi, Alexander Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb, Shows will start from 14:30h every afternoon. More information: