3 modul-dance festival models

The European Dancehouse Network is the umbrella organization for 17 of the 20 modul-dance project partners. All the dancehouses cooperate through this project, funded by the European Commission through its Culture Programme, to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

In the framework of the project, the festivals present various selected artists participating in the program, at one venue, by one of the project partners.

Since the beginning of the project in 2010, 8 dancehouses organised modul-dance festivals being, each of them, a unique model. We present you 3 of them.


Penelope Iliaskou, director of DDRC Athens, talks about the modul-dance festival that took place in May 2014. The Arc for Dance Festival was a joint proposal of the modul-dance partner together with other local structure, DAN.C.CE, participating in the European project Spider Expand!.


Dans <3 Stockholm took place in December 2013 organized by Dansens Hus. Eva Broberg talks about how the festival created a context to present international artists to a local audience.


Goran Bogdanovski talks about the 2 editions of CoFestival, a 3 in 1 festival with modul-dance artists in Ljubljana. It also included programmation of Ukrep and Pleskavica festivals. Kino Šiška is not member of EDN but partner in the modul-dance project.

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